bali jewelry production

We can produce samples from your drawings or modification by instruction from existing designs. For fabricated (non-casting) items generally there will be a charge of $15 to $25 in addition to the cost of the sample. If multiple samples of the same general type are made, the sampling charges can go as low as $10 per style.


Waxes and casting masters can also be produced. Please allow for extra time for the process of wax carving, approval, master finishing, final approval, and mold making. There are extra charges for wax carving and molds, depending on their size and complexity.


We have a dedicated photography department which can email you sample images for off site evaluation, as well as provide you professional level images for print or web publication.


There is no warranty made as to the usabilty or suitability of the sample. We will do our best to translate and create your designs but depending on what we have to go on to begin with, what is created may not be what you are expecting. If you can provide a physical sample initially, we normally will get it right the first time. Working from interpretation of sketches is more problematic.


Even internally with our own production, many designs go through several modifications before approval. In the case of modifying your samples to reach an approved prototype, additional charges will be incurred during each modification.


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